About Concord Travel

Concord Travel & Tours started its activity in 1999. Headquarters Concord Travel & Tours are located in the "Twin Towers" building. Our company’s main purpose is to serve our clients with trips to Albania and provide comprehensive information on hotels. We give assistance to clients in the decision making process of where to go and where to stay. Our team is committed to provide quality customer service in travel and tourism. We are motivated by the belief that by a great experience we built large companies. We, at Concord Travel & Tours, are proud of our excellent reputation which is based on the commitment that should always exceed customer expectations. Our main focus groups are tourists visiting Albania. The service that we offer is based on a unique experience on historic and archaeological sites, as well as natural resources.
One of the most successful products has been the "Bunker Tour", which has been an absolute success to foreign groups that have visited our country through us. 

We provide trips that offer you the opportunity to explore Central and Southern Albania. Also in combined trips you can enjoy stunning beauties of North Albania. During these trips, tourists will reveal with World Heritage sites such as Gjirokastra, town houses and a magnificent architecture. Butrint, a place of outstanding archaeological value. Berat, a city with a 2500 year history and a unique castle rich with iconography.

 We provide services for:

* Groups that come to Albania and individual Tours
* Booking hotels, apartments and Resorts
* Conference, reservations for banquets, workshops.. etc.
* Reservation cut flights and tickets worldwide.
* Consulates be comprehensive with our new office in Tirana International Airport
* Transfers to the airport and vice verse
* Rent a car
* Holiday for all those who want to go outside Albania
* Travel organized in some casino to try your luck and fun (Montenegro, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, etc...)